Tales of Lunis Aquaria

In Tales of Lunis Aquaria, you get the chance to explore a new fantasy universe. Nine short stories set in different regions of the world show you bits and pieces of what’s going on. The observers share their stories and report back to the Lady of the forest. Can they figure out what’s happening? And more importantly, can they stop it?

Explore daunting deserts, treacherous mountains and the deep blue of the Morcain sea.
If you enjoy the fairy tales of old you will enjoy this collection of nine short adventure stories.






Stories included in this collection

Coming of beasts

A mysterious Lady uses her powers to cultivate the land. When five otherworldly visitors arrive, she gives them a set of powers to aid them on their quest.

The sacred maiden

When a young girl’s house is raided, she escapes. One thief chases her into the night. Both of them find something they never thought they would.

Moon Flower

To win the heart of a girl, a young man sets out to find the most beautiful flower there ever was.
He faces the dangers of the mountains, looking for a flower that might not even exist.

Thomas and the Wolf

A wolf finds a little boy watching a blazing fire in which his family is trapped. The wolf takes the boy to meet the only one he trusts.

The witch of Monterra Mountain

The blacksmith’s apprentice falls for a woman who’s accused of witchcraft.

Shepherd’s Stick

A scholar ventures into the desert to experience the ghost stories the elders tell to scare the children. He finds much more than just a ghost.

Archipelago of Wonder

A fisherman survives a storm and ends up on a tropical island. As he looks for resources to repair his ship, he receives help from an unexpected source.

Decapod’s Ire

An archer joins a seafaring crew to hunt the creature that destroyed a handful of fishing boats.

Lovers through time

A time traveller finds the love of his life in the past and must find a way for them to be together.

Meet the observers


The wolf is quiet and sticks to the shadows. He wanders the forests and plains covering Lunis Aquaria. Humans fascinate him and he never goes too far from their dwellings.


In the undergrowth, you might find Fox. He doesn't judge, and never interferes. He takes his task as observer seriously.


Every few decades, Phoenix goes up in flames, and is reborn again. They're the only observer who's ever experienced death, and birth. They take to the skies and keep a grand perspective.


Bear roams across the mountains, the snow covering her tracks during the harsh winters. She hibernates in caves, and knows best which plants are edible and which are poisonous.


Dolphin loves his freedom in the water and ocean. With difficulty, he can find his way to the Lady so far land inward. He loves her but he still prefers the ocean and seas.